FEBRUARY 27, 2017



Small Canadian company from Marchand, Manitoba, Canada wins big over Fiji


January 2015


December 2014


Canadian Gold Beverages (2012) is celebrating its anniversary with the acquisition the "Pic a Pop" Brand and its formulations.  Canadian Gold Beverages (2012) is proud to annouce the launch of the product has been a great success, customers just love the nostalgic unique taste of the product.  

There are currently five flavours available, Blue Razzberry, Cream Soda, Grape, Lime and Root Beer.  New "old" flavours will be available in 2015 with the launching of Black Cherry, Orange and several others.

Adults have been pleased with the reminder of their childhood favorite drink and the youth are developing their own new memories with the nostalgic "Pic A Pop" flavours, 

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February 2014

Gold Award winning water  "Best Tasting Water in the World" bottled at source Marchand, Manitoba, Canada.

2014 Canadian Gold Beverages won "GOLD MEDAL" for its "Sparkling Mineral Water" at the 24th Annual Berkeley Springs International WaterTasting Competition, held at Berkeley Springs, West Virginia.


January 2014

Canadian Gold Beverages is pleased to annouce its launching of our new product "BABY/INFANT PREMIUM SPRINGWATER". 

Available in 1.5 Ltr and 4 Ltr.



March 2013

 Canadian Gold Beverages awarded 2 Gold Medals at the "2013 Academy Awards of Water" at the Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting Competition held at  Berkeley Springs, West Virginia.

2013 Canadian Gold Beverages repeated history and again was awarded  "GOLD MEDALS"; one for its “Sparkling Water” and the other for its "Artesian Still Water" at the 2013 Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting Competition for the “Best Tasting Sparkling Water in the World"


 Why buy imported waters when the “Best Tasting Water in the World" is available right here at home,in Southeast Manitoba, Canada.



our water is also available in bulk

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Dr. Mohammad Khadim, Director - ISNA Canada Halal Certification Agency, looked at our products on our Website and emailed us that our products qualify for Halal certification

We at Canadian Gold Beverages (2012) in Marchand, Manitoba are very pleased with Dr. Mohammad Khadim's comment.  We will work in 2013 to get our products Halal certified.

Local Artesian Water bottle Plant announces a new glass line for their Award Winning Artesian Water and Sparkling Mineral Water.

Canadian Gold, in Marchand (R.M. La Broquerie), now bottles their Artesian Water in 750ml and 1 Liter in a glass bottle, which are fully recyclable glass bottles.  
Our water quality and taste are supreme compared to our European label competitors (Perrier, San Pellegrino, Evian, Fiji).
Canadian Gold Sparkling Mineral Water has zero nitrates compared to the competition.
The best water in the world is right here at home, right here in Southeast Manitoba.

A little history of Canadian Gold Beverages, the bottling plant has been in existence since 1985, known at the time as Pinewood Springs and then Hanover Springs.  
The company started as a family owned business in 1985, then changed ownership and is now back as a family owned business.
The current owner, Pieter de Jong, who purchased the Plant in September 2012.

A brief outline of the Company

What many local residents don’t realize is we manufacture more than Artesian Water.  We do also produce caffeine free flavoured beverages.  Canadian Gold Beverages is home of  “BREEZE” and organiccertified flavoured beverage “TOUCH “.

“Breeze”, CAFFEINE FREE, a sweetened carbonated fruit flavored beverage.  Best Tasting Sparkling Water in the World" complimented with natural fruit flavours provides an unforgettable taste experience. This beverage is a favorite amongst children and adults; contains no caffeine, zero-rated sodium, has 80 calories. Breeze offers a great alternative for regular sodas and a fabulous mix adventure.

TOUCH, ZERO CALORIES, CAFFEINE FREE and ZERO RATED SODIUM,  is a carbonated 100% ORGANIC flavored beverage (certified by Ecocert Canada) that can compete with any other sweetened beverage on the Market, but the difference is that this organic beverage can compete with the price of all other sugar contained beverages.  Organic products mostly reaches only 2% of Canadian population, our product is made so we reach the other 98% while our customers save money to do a healthy life style for less money, lower than any other sugar and caffeine beverage. Don't miss out on this opportunity, this is a Canadian product developed with the Food & Development Center in Portage La Prairie, funded by Federal & Provincial governments.

Best Tasting Sparkling Water in the World" accompanied with Organic certified natural flavours all in one for the Platinum taste and Utopia for a healthy beverage


TOUCH contains no sweeteners, no preservatives, no caffeine, zero-rated sodium, and has zero calories.  The product is available in various packaging, and provides a great alternative for sugar containing beverages. In-House flavors available are Cherry, Mandarin, Lemon, and Peppermint.  Most of us are aware that Diabetes is a growing health concern, currently affecting about 2 million Canadians. For many people, diabetes can be prevented or delayed by understanding its risk factors and making important lifestyle changes.  “TOUCH” brand is receiving great reviews from Schools, Health stores, sports arenas and retailers interested in a healthy alternative with a touch of flavor, and a little sparkle without any sweeteners.

Canadian Gold Beverages is located in Marchand, southeast of Steinbach, on the edge of the Sandilands Provincial Forest.  Canadian Gold natural artesian water is bottled at the source and drawn from an aquifer within the pristine area of the Sandilands Provincial forest.  Sands and minerals from the last ice age provide a natural filtration and minerals offering an incredibly fresh, pure and classic taste.  Our exceptional water has absolutely no nitrates, is enriched with calcium and magnesium and has a zero sodium rating, making Canadian Gold Water unparalleled in purity, healthfulness and quality. Canadian Gold Sparkling Mineral Water won the coveted Gold Medal award at the Berkeley Springs International Festival of the Waters and was also awarded the Silver Medal in previous years and repeated history by winning the GOLD in 2013.  Our brand Touch Organic Sparkling took the Bronze Medal in 2010 and took the GOLD in 2013; stating that our Sparkling Mineral Water is consistently considered the World’s finest over and over again. With a light mineral composition and a soft sparkle, Canadian Gold Sparkling water has an exceptionally pure and clean taste, rivaling and exceeding many of the other fine international sparkling waters in quality and taste.  Canadian Gold Natural Artesian Water is an GOLD award winning water similar in mineral composition to other exotic waters from far off islands and remote locations around the world.

Our state of the art certified carbon neutral production facility is centrally located in Manitoba Canada facility just north of the Canadian/U.S. border so that shipping is efficient, fast, affordable and most importantly, environmentally friendly to all parts of the US and Canada.

Unlike our European or South Pacific competitors, our eco-conscious production facility and central North American location offers a truly low carbon footprint that makes our product quite unmatched in the beverage industry today.

With the best tasting water in the world, certified USDA organic flavors, and an extremely low carbon footprint, we are certain that Canadian Gold products will be widely celebrated, purchased and enjoyed by consumers of all ages, cultures and lifestyles. With an abundant water supply, our highly regulated plant is capable of producing enormous volumes of product, with exceptional quality control and care, which enables us to service distributorships both large and small throughout the world.

Canadian Gold Beverages offers private labeling for all its products, a perfect way for  companies to get out their corporate branding and messages and for all retailers; because private brand increases the awareness of their name by their customers.

Again, why buy imported waters when the “Best Tasting Water” in the World is available right here at home, in Southeast Manitoba, Canada.